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We are an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Accredited company and have earned a reputation for reliability and quality over 38 years of service. We service all sectors of the commercial vehicle industry, including prime movers and trailers, buses and coaches, light to medium trucks and vans, and even industrial cranes and construction vehicles. In fact, we have for many years been recognised as being PPG Fleet Pool’s leading Commercial Transport paint refinisher in Queensland. Membership of Fleet Pool is not easily attained, and membership retention is subject to strict adherence to quality and safety work practice and procedure that is regularly audited to ensure standards are maintained.

We understand that your investment in commercial vehicles is the key to your business. That’s why we work closely with you and your other suppliers, to ensure that time is not wasted in preparing your vehicle for its intended purpose… to make money for you and your business. With our efficient work processes, purpose-built facility and trained personnel, we consistently deliver value for money for our customers… To get your brand moving fast!

Our Values

We know that confidence and trust are essential to a successful working relationship, whether with customers, suppliers, employees or partners. As well as providing a workplace that is safe for our employees and visitors, we ensure our processes and materials are all as environmentally friendly as possible. We invest in the latest training, high quality tools, equipment and materials, to enable our employees to perform their tasks efficiently, effectively and to the highest standard possible. It’s about delivering a service built on Quality, Timelines and Value.


At Bel Air, we define quality as the ability to replicate the preparation, application and final finishing processes for any vehicle, each and every time. We ensure that all vehicle surfaces are correctly prepared, that paint is evenly applied for complete coverage and depth within a clean, dust-free environment, and finally, that the vehicle is appropriately cleaned and detailed for delivery. It’s about our employees being personally accountable for each job, finishing what they start… and using the best products, tools and workplace environment available.


Bel Air has developed a range of sophisticated processes to manage job scheduling and work activity. This way, we can accurately advise you of when work on your vehicle will commence, and importantly, be completed. We understand that while your vehicle is in our care other product and service providers may need access to it. We will work with relevant suppliers to allow them access to the vehicle, so that everyone can complete their assignment of work on time. It’s all about doing whatever makes sense to get your vehicle on the road in the fastest possible time, being used for its intended purpose and with your brand on it and out there!


We make sure we understand your requirements right from the outset, then look for ways we can best align our capabilities to meet those requirements. But it’s not only about the efficiently with which we work on your vehicle, it’s about ensuring that the work we perform on it is done correctly. Your vehicle needs to withstand the extreme rigours of environment and use it will endure during its working life. This is what Bel Air is all about… Do It Once and Do It Right!