At Bel Air, we can offer you a range of separate yet complementary services that provides a one stop shop to prepare your vehicle to not only look good and promote your business brand but also confidently tackle the varying and often harsh conditions it will face during its working life...and backed up by the best warranty in the industry

Bel Air has qualified personnel, facilities and tools to do everything from minor panel repair and paint touch-ups to more extensive work required to restore a vehicle to its original condition. We are one of the few heavy vehicle paint and panel repair facilities in South-East Queensland that has the necessary approvals to perform work on vehicles owned and operated by the Australian Defence Forces.

Comprehensive Paint Services

Bel Air uses only the highest quality paints and complementary products from PPG Industries, the world leader in painting technologies and paint systems. in fact, Bel Air is PPG's number 1 FleetPool Commercial Vehicle refinisher in Queensland. This special partnership with PPG enables us to offer you, our customers, the industry's most extensive warranty covering both materials and workmanship.

Our comprehensive computerised paint-mixing system enables us to offer you a pallet of over 40,000 colour shades. This ensure that your requirements are easily duplicated with exact colour matches, whilst utilising the latest advances in paint technology.

Design of Fleet Signatures

We can assist you with the design of your Fleet Signature or work closely with your design team to create or replicate it onto your new vehicle. Digital photographs of the completed vehicle are kept on file together with other relevant specifications such as colour codes, measurements and updates to the design. This ensures that future vehicles are correctly and consistently represented with your business brand and fleet signature.

Custom Artwork

Specialised sign writer’s can create quality, individual solutions, whether you want the traditional elegance of "Line & Scroll" work or need more complex graphic design of logos and signage. We can either hand-paint directly on to your vehicle or create vinyl designs on our computer-controlled laser-cut wide format ink-jet printing system that can then be applied as adhesive decals. Again, all details of these artworks are recorded and kept on file for future use.


Want a more unique look? Why not use our airbrush artist to recreate a favourite scene or theme to decorate your vehicle, making it completely individual? This is truly a great way to stand out from the crowd and really make a statement!

Fitting & Modifications

Bel Air has trained and experienced staff who can perform modifications to your vehicle and fit components, such as modifying air kits, and fitting storage systems and brackets. Importantly, these tasks can be completed while the vehicle is having other refinishing work done, thereby saving you time.

Detailing, Polishing & Fitting

To keep your brand looking professional, it's important that the appearance of your vehicles is kept maintained and kept in good order. Sometimes new vehicles require preparation for delivery, or older vehicles need a well-earned clean-up. Bel Air provides a comprehensive service that includes cutting & polishing of paintwork, buffing of paintwork, polishing of aluminium and stainless-steel components such as wheels, fuel tanks and checker-plate steps & covers, glass cleaning and detailing of the vehicle interior.

Pick Up & Delivery

In a world of ever-increasing demands, time is a precious commodity. To help you save time, Bel Air offers a complete pick-up and delivery service. Selected staff are licensed to drive a variety of commercial vehicles. Alternatively, we can contract specialised drivers or vehicles carriers to safely transport your vehicle.


Bel Air's fenced and secure facility is monitored by security cameras and return-to-base security surveillance that protects your vehicles while in our care.

High Pressure Water & Steam Cleaning

When a vehicle is in as new condition, or the surface to be painted is sound, Bel Air will generally only use pressurised water to clean the surface. This water can be applied at varying pressures and temperatures, including hot steam, to create a clean surface on which to perform further work. Again, great care is taken to ensure that the more delicate components and fittings are protected from damage.

Defence Services

Bel Air and Defence

Bel Air has been established since 1980 and for many of those years we have provided the Australian Defence Forces and its Contractors with paint and panel services for ADF land vehicles such as Land Rover 110s, UniMogs and Mack heavy trucks in their various configurations such as Cargo, Troop Carrier and Water Tankers. Bel air is the selected as the paint sub-contractor to Haulmark Trailers Australia for the ADF Land 121 - Supply of Lightweight Trailers contract

Bel Air is fully conversant with the stringent quality requirements and special APAS specifications, including infra-red paint for the application of camouflage colours and the repair and replacement of parts and components associated with these vehicles.

Products and Services

Bel Air offers a range of complementary services designed to be used either individually or together to enable vehicles to be restored to operational condition at the one site and in as short a time possible. We also work with other specialist providers of products and services to expediate the work program. Our services include:

  • Heavy vehicle painting
  • Panel repair and component replacement
  • Computer design and cut vinyl signage
  • Custom artwork - hand painted signage, lines & scrolls, air brushed artwork
  • Vehicle detailing and cleaning
  • High pressure water and steam cleaning
  • Vehicle pickup and delivery

Core Expertise and Competitive Advantage

Bel Air has the commercial and business expertise to complement the trade workmanship skills deployed to execute work programs. We operate under a stringent quality system and possess the ability to rapidly adapt to changing conditions and requirements. This underpins a commitment to total customer care based upon ensuring we have a comprehensive understanding of client expectations and needs. Some of this expertise is encapsulated in the following attributes: -

  • Bel Air is quality accredited to ISO 9001 standards. We have developed comprehensive systems to drive and report on production, work scheduling, quoting and compliance that underpin a customer focused program based on quality, timeliness and value with management systems measured against specific KPIs in each area of the business.
  • Bel Air is very experienced in the repair and painting of ADF heavy vehicles and has specific expertise in the application of infra-red, camouflage and disruptive paint patterns.
  • Bel Air is a proven provider of quality workmanship and on-time delivery, especially during periods of "surge" demand.

Regulatory and Licensing Approvals

At Bel Air we take our responsibility to the environment, the health and safety of employees and visitors and to the community in which we operate, very seriously. We comply with all regulatory legislation and are continuously striving to exceed compliance levels and move towards best practice.

Bel Air is Quality Accredited to ISO 9001:2015 (Certificate Number 520949)